Regenerative Medicine

IMG_4750Regenerative medicine is both an old and new way to look at treating everything from osteoarthritis, and dental disease to tendon and ligament repair. The focus in regenerative practice is to use the natural healing methods of the body to the patient’s advantage. Here at Zia Pet Hospital, we combine the power of laser therapy, acupuncture, oral supplements, and the latest cellular and biologic therapy. For example, we use the new generation monthly antibody injections to control itching, pain, and osteoarthritis. When the basic therapies don’t elevate our patient to the quality of life that we expect, we can add platelets, stem cells, and cytokines to move things forward.

What to expect with your pet’s first regenerative medicine appointment? First, we need to perform a complete physical examination to fully document what is causing your pet’s issue. Then we need to use diagnostics to confirm the extent of the disease, injury or pain source. Finally, we will talk about our findings and explore both conventional and regenerative ways to keep your pet healthy, pain-free, and living an active life.

With Dr. Hale’s background in new product development, we explore the newest scientific methods. We have the opportunity to offer our patients clinical trial slots with FDA-reviewed clinical trials in platelet and stem cell therapy. This provides your pet the most current therapies for many common diseases. You and your pet can benefit from these new therapies and help the scientific community gain information on these therapies.